What if working out and eating better didn't have to be so...hard...

There's an easier way to lose weight.

Ever feel like your life is going in circles and you are on the hamster wheel?
Want to STOP seeing life is passing you BY and START gaining momentum to live LIFE where you FEEL good in your skin?

I get it.

There is a better way.

A year ago, I was drowning in to do lists. Often, I would come home and lay on the couch wondering what happened to my life. I was highly educated, had a career, a loving husband, and a thriving teen.  The only thing I was missing was…me.

I wasn’t present. I was unfulfilled. It felt like my life was passing me by. Meanwhile I was at my pregnancy weight, eating everything in the house, and lacked the energy or will to do anything about it.
It was about this time that I got FED up. In my quest to rescue myself, I searched for programs that would tell me what I desperately needed to hear - that there was an exact step-by-step process to getting out of a rut.

And there is...

If you've been trying to...

Lose weight and just gained it back
Start a health habit and seem to lose steam
Gain time freedom but just have more to do
I'm here to tell you...there's nothing wrong wth you!
"I know what to do...I just can't seem to do it"

"I start and then life gets in the way"

"I don't know...I guess working out just isn't for me"

You wouldn't talk to your bestie like that, would you?

You'd never tell your kids that they should stop trying the first time they struggled, right?

What if you could follow a system and customize it to YOUR life?

What if you could gain the knowledge to build any habit to benefit your health: working out, time management, mindfulness, nutrition, getting up early in 30 days?

What if you could STOP being on the hamster wheel and START taking clear steps toward a more ENERGIZED and PRESENT future?

That’s why I created the Set, Space, Show Up, and Sustain system.  It is about taking ANY health habit and focusing on it for 30 days. My system will focus your brain on one goal, achieving it, and then showing you how to show up for the next. Each time through, you will feel more confident in your abilities, see the success instead of just potential, and hear your own happiness through your mindset shift.
The Set, Space, Show Up and Sustain System. This 4-part online guided system achieved over 6 weeks days, will bring you back to focus on yourself so that you can show up for your family MORE with ENERGY to be PRESENT.

Part 1: Set
  • Focus on goals that will help you reach long term success
  • Establish your personalized blueprint for success on your own journey.
  • Escape the defeated mindset
Part 2: Space
  • Create more time in your schedule
  • Escape “I’m too busy” excuses
  • Avoid "too much to do" at home
Part 3: Show up
  • Break free of the "suck phase"
  • Create a struggle-bus plan
  • Avoid defeated self-talk
Part 4: Sustain
  • Avoid backsliding into old habits
  • KEEP your results FOR GOOD!
  • Establish NEW patterns of SUCCESS to maintain LONG TERM!

Will this work for me?

YES! If you are...

  • Know what to do but struggle to do it
  • Need a clear system, to-do list and tracking to achieve your habit.
  • Living in survival mode
  • Have struggled with time management, weight loss, or eating well in the past.

This is for you.

Full price

You have a choice

You can continue to live life like you are now...exhausted, struggling, without an end in sight.


You can join this course and have exclusive access to a step-by-step system that can create a pathway out of your struggles.

Anna De Salvo

  Teacher, Mom, Wife, Business Owner, and Health Habit Maker.

I remember crying as I stepped on the scale, realizing with wide eyes that I weighed as much as I did when I was fully pregnant with a baby.  No one believed me that I had gained that much weight...including myself.

It was true, though, I saw it on the cold, hard scale.

Have you been there? Just in disbelief about how you got where you are now? I totally get it. 

We are often so busy taking care of others...we forget to take care of ourselves, and suddenly, we are 20 pounds heavier, exhausted and not sure how to get out of the spiral.

I was there! How did I get out of it? I STOPPED focusing on weight loss, and STARTED focusing on HABITS!

After achieving success with my own health, I started realizing other moms struggled with the same things that I did. I wanted to help them realize they didn't HAVE to feel this way! That's why I created this system
You deserve more than how you feel right now.